The BOLD DOORS are here!

Walk, bike or take the bus and try to find them all.  Vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice award. Better yet, bid to buy or offer the buy now price in the online silent auction to add a one-of-a-kind sustainable art work to your home, garden or business.

Come to the Door Jam August 4th – last chance to see and buy these wonderful works of art!

TO VIEW THE DOORS ONLINE: Simply click on the Online Gallery to the right of this paragraph at the top of the page. You do NOT need to register or bid on an item to view the gallery. Once on the gallery page, simply click on Bid or Buy Online and this will take you to the online gallery. Again, you can view all items on the gallery without bidding or buying them. Once in the gallery, you will see all the door photos. Click on any door and that will take you to the Artist’s page where there will be detail photos as well as the location of that particular door. To view all the locations, click on the map to the right. Printed maps are available around town. Have fun!!!

All of these works of art rescued an old door and transformed it into something wonderful.  You’ll find all kinds of doors – closet doors, cabinet doors, entry doors, a car door, and even an easy-bake oven door.  Artists have spent many hours drawing and painting, photographing, drilling, glueing, wrapping, firing, sawing, sanding, electrifying, plumbing, collecting, and torching.  The creativity and talent is inspiring.

We are very proud to include well-established  leading artists in Boulder along with emerging artists (one sold their first work the night before bringing their BOLD DOOR to the competition) and many just plain creative, inspired folks in our community.  Let them all inspire you!  You can find out more about the professional artists here and about all artists in the detail pages of the gallery for the silent auction.

While you are exploring, take time to thank our sponsors and the host sites for the exhibition – you’ll find great coffee and food, wonderful clothing, antiques and home decor, outdoor equipment and luggage, everything you need for your pet, and places to pamper your soul or style your hair.  You can acquire amazing jewelry or enjoy the arts at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art (look for the BOLD DOOR outside!) and the Dairy Center for the Arts.  You can even find the perfect new home or investment property!  Get to know some of our newest businesses along with a visit to those we’ve loved for years. ENJOY the wonderful CITY OF BOULDER who is one of our generous sponsors!!

Winning auction bids will be determined at 6 p.m. during our closing celebration, the BOLD DOORS Door Jam, on August 4th.  Mark your calendars now!