BOLD DOORS is proud to present the 2012 Award Winners in the Professional and the Open categories. The winners were selected by our jury (see Jurors page for juror bios and background) with great care and consideration. We send our congratulations to all the winners.

Professional Category:

1st Place ($1,000) —  The Still — by Al Mowrer  and Chad Blecha

Description: crooked garden and bird houses — wood and metal — 86″ x 48″ x 36″

Artist Statement: Maybe you are wondering what two grown men are doing making little crooked houses? Possibly you are wondering why two guys with construction backgrounds can’t seem to build straight walls? Well, truth be told, we do all of this on purpose. Our reasons are bring a sense of imagination, creativity and just plain wacky fun into people’s lives.

2nd Place ($750) — The Secret Koi Pond —  by Jennifer Mosquera

Description: The Secret Koi Pond: Antique door with glass mosaic design and custom made glass beads. Metal stand designed by artist to continue the feel of the secret koi pond. — mixed media/glass mosaic — 42” x 74”

Artist Statement: A fascination with color and line has always been with me. In this fascination I easily get lost, forget time, and discover little secrets about how things work or something new about a color. Whether it be paint, or glass, the fascination and wonder is always the same, that of a playful child seeing for the first time, and being unafraid to see what happens.

3rd Place ($500) — Wonderland’s Party: a perennial tea garden — by Christie Slater

Description: mixed media — 3′ x 75″ x 15″

Artist Statement: Christie Slater is an educator and artist. She currently teaches ceramics at an arts-integrated magnet elementary school, and has also taught third grade at the same school. Christie has been wheel throwing and hand building for over a decade. Originally from a farm in rural North Carolina, Christie finds inspiration from memories and knowledge gained through a family of farmers. In February 2012, Christie founded Tinker Art Studio in North Boulder. Tinker is a multi-dimensional space offering children’s classes, a boutique of local artists work for sale, and a working studio space for adults. Providing authentic art opportunities for children to grow as both skilled artists and creative individuals, Tinker is a unique space where you will find a lively studio balanced by a calm and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Honorable Mention In WaitingJeffrey Matthias

Description:  I will find a slab door and apply a solid color laminate or paint. I will convert an image to half-tone and drill the image out of the door. Up close, it will look like abstract art. As you gain distance, details will fill in for a very clear image. — door, linseed oil and pigment, spar urethane — 80″ x 30″ x 1.37″

Artist Statement:  I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I did sketching, cutting, polishing, grinding, jig-sawing, epoxying, sanding, painting, and soldering.

Honorable MentionThe Door is a JarBarry “Stickerman” Snyder

Description: A recycled door depicting a jar of pickles using a mosaic of discarded fruit & vegetable stickers, mounted in a free-standing door frame that is a jar. — food p.u.c. stickers — 38″ x 80″ x 6″

Artist Statement: In a universe of infinite possibilities someone was gonna do this!

Open Category:

1st Place ($500) — Cat Scratch — Sally Mills

Description: Cat tree station/A functional Art Piece The station allows for climbing, hiding and claw scratching. Includes dangling toys, some with refillable catnip pouches, climbing steps, lounging areas and at the top, is the “Cat bird seat”. — mixed media — 32” x 50” x 32”

Artist Statement: I’m a “junk” collector.  The world around me is full of wonderful junk that when I find it, my mind thinks “I can make something out of that.” It goes into my collection.  I recycle, resurface, repurpose and reuse. The ideas come to me so fast; I enter them in a notebook for when it becomes their turn to be created.  I love gardening. I use plants for color and texture to create a fabric of landscape “art” interspersed with items from my collection.  I find beauty in much that others don’t see, like the gravel in a road. I have quite a collection of gravel stones waiting for me to create the ideas I have for them.  I am a creative thinker.

2nd Place ($300) — Flower PowerJustin Riley and Jasmine Rodenburg

Description:  A depiction of the characteristic free spirited atmosphere of Boulder, Colorado. — Acrylic — 31.5” x 80” x 1.5”

3rd Place ($200) — Play To Flambé — Nanci Hill Feeney

Description: Mixed Media (acrylic, wood, plastic, glass, copper) — 14″ x 4′ x 13″

Artist Statement: My search for a recycled door abruptly ended when this used, Easy Bake Oven called out. Clouds parted and my artistic destiny was revealed. Once disassembled, custom glass flames seemed a natural addition, as did the devilish theme alluded to by evil eye, pitchfork and horns. I hope you enjoy viewing it as much as I did sketching, cutting, polishing, grinding, jig-sawing, epoxying, sanding, painting, and soldering. Thank you, BOLD DOORS, for inspiring me to rekindle my creative energies!   96% Recycled Materials

Honorable Mention  Sundance BenchKat Martindale

Description: Enamel paint — 54 1/4″ x 21″ x 26″

Honorable Mention  Reading Door — Greg Morse

Description: Reinvented Adirondack chair — wood, metal, fabric, foam — 2’8″ x 4′ x 5’6″

Artist Statement: Every object has stories inscribed in its surface. The color of a thing’s paint, the form it takes, and the scratches in it all describe its purpose, creation, hardships, and more. Doors, especially old ones, display exceptional narratives, both as historical objects and as portals that reveal foreign worlds to passers-through. The narratives in things are different for everyone because each person has had their own unique experiences in the past that affect their reading.