Have a question? Read below to find your answer or email us at smart@conservationcenter.org

    1. What is SMART?
      SMART (Sustainable Material + Art) is a group of volunteers who joined together to work with the Center for Resource Conservation to achieve three shared goals:
      (1) Increase re-use of hard-to-recycle objects like those found at the ReSource Yard (building materials, metal, ceramics, etc.)
      (2) Excite more artists about working with reclaimed materials and expand marketing opportunities for their work
      (3) Reflect the value Boulder places on sustainability in public and private works of art
    2. Why “BOLD DOORS” in Boulder?
      Doors are symbolic – the concept of opening doors to new ideas and new opportunities is so engrained in Boulder’s culture and history – and from a waste standpoint, we use and discard so many of them.  Interior doors, exterior doors, cabinet doors, refrigerator doors…just start counting the number in your own home.  Then ask yourself where they go when a home or room is remodeled or “scraped” for replacement.  Fortunately, some are adopted through places like the ReSource Yard and find new homes as doors.  But there are thousands of doors discarded every year – some could be reinvented as very special, artistic doors while others could find new life as something totally different.  We can’t wait to see the creative ideas and works of art!
    3. Are there any limits on what kind of door can be used?
      You can use any kind of a door – big, small, wood, metal, cabinet doors, garden gates, etc.
    4. Do I have to use a door from the ReSource Yard?
      No, we will be delighted if you rescue your own door.  You can use the ReSource gift certificate for materials of your choice, or choose to make this a donation to the Center for Resource Conservation.  Be careful of lead paint in older doors and learn how to handle them safely (information will be available at ReSource in the Tool Library to help with this).
    5. What is the difference between a “Professional” and the “Open” category?
      For this competition, the difference is really if you want some extra PR with the opportunity to have your name and links to your website on ours and in the guide map and be featured in our social media activities.  Prizes will also be a little more attractive in the professional category (we’re promoting art, remember).  You may enter in either category.
    6. What if I am a student but not part of a team?
      You have two options – contact your school art teacher and see if they know of a team you might join, or enter the Open division.
    7. With multiple exhibition venues, can I specify where the door is exhibited?
      No, placement is at the discretion of the organizers and sponsors.  However, if you have an arrangement with a local business and would like to be featured there (perhaps a commissioned or themed door), please contact us and we’ll try to work it out.  Earlier is better if it is to be on the guide map.
    8. Is this only open to Boulder residents?
      No, we welcome anyone interested but entrants are responsible for delivery and pickup of their work. Shipping and handling information is included in the Competition Rules.
    9. What is the minimum team size in the student competition?  Two (2)