View these professional artists and their creative doors during BOLD DOORS 2012! To learn more about their work and inspirations, click on the picture next to their artist statement.

CK Waugh

“Kent combines His stunning photos that capture moments begging the observer to contemplate a slower life, framed in materials of days gone by when life was less harried. This is the perfect combination that goes beyond the mere observance of a picture on the wall. The frames are constructed from reclaimed and recycled materials, making the art pieces unique and one of a kind. The world is full of beauty that is passed by every day and often discarded for trash but Kent has chosen to combine the old and forgotten with photos, taking frame photography to a new realm.”

Lael Har

“A prolific award-winning artist, Lael Har works in vivid acrylic paint. She brings awareness and joy into her creations. Her big brush approach is lively, juicy, and expressive.”






Hector Ang

“I have worked as a graphic designer for the past twenty years, but my true love is fine art and the creativity that brings to life my ideas.”




Christie Slater

“Christie Slater has been creating ceramic art for over ten years. She currently teaches ceramics at an arts-integrated elementary school, and recently opened an art studio in North Boulder, Tinker Art Studio. Tinker is a dynamic studio founded by two educators and artists, Christie and Lisa.”




Melinda Myrow

“At its best, visual art takes you inside and outside yourself. A lifelong artist, I work from memory, in as unconscious a state as possible, in order to maintain spontaneity. Sensation and perception metamorphosed into visual expression.”




Leslie Whiteside + Ashleigh Hitchcock

“The scrapsisters: For the past 15 years these hometown gals have embraced the reuse of materials in their projects with contagious enthusiasm. With good intentions and steadfast conviction, they believe that anything is possible. They hope to inspire, strike nerves, lift spirits … and maybe even transform some lives … as they prowl the alleys of Boulder, building community one piece of trash at a time. And they really are sisters!”




Kristin Fitzgerrell

“In this studio the scrap bin is the supply closet. My mixed media collage and assemblage work justifies my complete and chronic infatuation with cast-offs. In my artistic practice I elevate the simplest of scrap to pedestal status and encourage you to see beauty where it had not been evident before. I find shape, color, and form inspiration in the most ordinary of places. My art materials come from an alley, a salvage yard, a recycle bin, a dumpster. I work and re-work these precious bits right down to the part that is left over from the part that was left behind. It might be a weathered piece of wood, a fabric scrap, or sign letter that I find too irresistible to pass by. I am forever drawn to the bits and pieces that have become useless to us in our busy, important lives. I am most enamored with the ones that have lost a mate, worn through a layer or have passed their prime. I choose my scraps and sometimes, even when I think I can walk by, they choose me. ‘Tis a scrappy love affair to be sure.”




Joshua Pass

People, perception and dynamics would best describe the subject matter of my work. Similar to tribal cultures I like to create sculptures that are visual narratives. Drawing from an ever-expanding visual vocabulary I narrate the dynamics that I perceive between people as well as people and their environment. Through these visual stories I try to help the viewer feel and notice the balance or imbalance of people’s relation’s to one another and the environment. Material selection, balance and imbalance as well as proportion are the key descriptive elements in my work.



Bonney Miller Forbes, Lisa Nesmith





Jane Glotzer

“I am dedicated to reducing waste and consumption by focusing on recovering, reclaiming, redesigning, repurposing and reusing the used, but not used up. I create original, handcrafted, one-of-a-kind, fabulous and funky, functional and decorative, recycled art, design, furniture and accessories.”




Bruce Campbell

“All junk is art, and vice versa.”




Aylah Rosa

“This is my language. It is my wish that you speak it too.”





“The back of one door is the front of another.”






Jodee Siff

“My passion for recycling has been the catalyst for all of my creative artwork during the past 30+ years. I have worked with various objects from bike parts to old windows. This particular piece will make a grand statement as an entryway into a garden or yard, or as a stand alone trellis. It will be stunning with a beautiful climbing rose or other vine growing up the sides. Place a bench inside and the trellis becomes a quiet garden get-away. I love working with recycled doors! They have amazing character.”




Joan Wolfer

“It was fun to portray different forms in the 21 windows using paint and some mixed media.”





Leah Bradley

“My style has evolved, but my interest in expressing the intensity and abundance of everyday life by painting the extravagant generosity of form and color that I see in fruits, vegetables and simple household objects, has remained steadfast. Recently, I have been painting on salvaged cupboard doors, intrigued by the possibility of giving them another life. I love the sense of history; of daily use and familiar comfort that the cupboard doors convey.”




Jennifer Mosquera

“Since I was a child, art has been an escape, and a harbor where I find mystery, magic and myself. Color, shapes and feelings swirl and find their rightful place, sometimes magically. When this happens I know that I am home.”






Kinga Ile

“Agreeing with Aurelius – The soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts…”






Darren Roebuck

“I create bold, flowing, abstract artworks. Although I love to work on recycled materials when I can, my canvas truly is the viewers imagination.”






Susan Albers

“Car door with passenger portrait: Red car door with with portrait painted in oil paint mounted in driver side window. I am working with John Waugh and welders Martina Ortiz and Isadora Seo.”





Elisa Love

“I have painted doors, hinged or unhinged, in every place I have ever lived. There’s something very gratifying about liberating a door from function to funkalicious. Oh yeah!”



Linda Gleitz

“My door is an homage to our feathered friends. Oil and collage/monoprint.






Catherine Bodin

“Color, shapesand textures available to enjoy around every corner….we must only open our eyes to drink in the brillance.”




Deb Hultgren

“I have been an artist ever since I could pick up a crayon. I used to draw a picture practically every day for my mom. Somewhere along my journey I left my pencils and paints by the roadside as the shiny objects of life pulled me away. But something was missing and I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. It was clear to those who know me: “You love creating art and you have gifts to offer”. So I ran back to those pencils and paints, and began again. It is never too late to begin again. It is never too late to embrace your passions. And it is never too late to be who you are. I hope my creations inspire and delight.”




Jeffrey Matthias






Karen Cappello

“If I had my choice, I would live outdoors soaking in the sun, scents and sounds. My passion is to create something new from the old, breathing life into what was once considered useless and no longer needed.”




Tom Calenberg






Beth Van de Water

“My work is a display of the old made new in a whimsical style contrasted with the industrial nature of the work preparation.”






Thomas M. Geier Sr.

“A vintage door provides a canvas that is worn and embedded with character. Creating a painting on such a surface provides an opportunity for the artist to bring out the character and beauty in the dents and scratches. They enhance the painting as a flat surface can’t. I hope you find pleasure in this reuse of vintage charm.”




Todd Reed

“Using sustainable materials such as recycled metals and raw diamonds, I have created aesthetically-minded jewelry that is both unique and exquisite for over twenty years. With designs that challenge the common perception of luxury jewelry, my work is one-of-a-kind wearable art for the true individual.”




Brian Odermatt

“I strive to improve my work and allow it to evolve. Creating art is a peaceful fulfilling way to enjoy the freedoms we have, and share ideas with others. I also work to promote and encourage art in the greater community and to illuminate the strengths of creation and creativity. To remind all artists that inevitable improvement comes with perseverance, repetition and dedication. The gift of art is in the creative process and the ability to let it go. Art teaches us decisiveness, accountability, problem solving, confidence, freedom, flexibility, compromise, appreciation, capability and ultimately strength.”




Steven Hook






Margaret Donharl

“My contemporary paintings are inspired by nature’s intricate designs and compelling details. Through my process of layering symbolism with realism I interpret the natural world beyond conventional appearance.”





Liz Afshar

“I am a firm believer in living your life to the fullest and creating works of art that reflect who you are as a person and what is in your soul to relay your message thru expression…Like a tree and like art we all have roots and room to grow into something amazing.”






Maggie Boys
(Galloping Antiquities)

“Galloping Antiquities creates hand carved, heirloom-quality rocking horses in designs from ancient art. Our business is creating treasures that give children a rocking acquaintence with art, their bodies, and their cultural heritage.”






Rod Swanstrom

“My skylight motif is about the intended nature of a window or passage to another place or dimension combined with the philosphsy of reused material that I practice.”






Samantha Lee

“Art creates meaning. Through manipulating objects and interpreting new connections between images, the world can be understood in a new light. This is why I create art…”






Barry Snyder

“I started making produce sticker art during one long, cold winter at the turn of the century (2000, that is) and have been creating colorful symbolic mosaics ever since, especially when the weather does not allow me to earn a living as a roofer. I have made appearances on The Food Network with Mark Summers, and was the focus of a CNN article in May, 2011. I currently live in Erie, CO, but may return one day to my hometown of Oshkosh, WI, to live in the family cabin in the woods and run my S.O.S. Foundation. (Save Our Stickers)”.




Karen McMeans Sapienza & Rockin’ Robin Abb

“I had been thinking about a new sign with a 3D element of a jukebox that could made out of a door BEFORE I read about this contest. It all seemed so serendipitous, and the fact that my store is recycled clothing makes it even more so. I am so excited to also help promote my friend Karen, as the artist, and that her work will be part of my permanent sign for as long as I’m in business!”




Dexter Correa






Suzanne Connolly Howes






Jocelyn Hunter

“Jocelyn makes handcrafted sterling silver jewelry, finding inspiration and direction from the natural gemstones and fossils that are the focal pieces in her art. Suzanne is a multimedia artist working in clay and textiles, seeking to give voice to the personalconnection we all have to the natural world.”




Kimberlee Ryan

“I have been drawing and painting since I was a young child. My work has been displayed in shows and galleries throughout the U.S and is internationally collected. I have painted a wide variety of subjects during my career, and for the last 10 years I have concentrated on paintings of horses and dogs. I paint realistically and often large scale, using exaggerated color.”




Al Mowrer/Chad Blecha

“The only straight and plumb lines will be the door itself.”






Martha Peacock

“Once upon a time there was a woman who exchanged the competitive life of a sales person for the heady environment of academia. She was searching for her soul. Then one day, she met the woman who gave birth to her and learned that art was part of her bloodline. Many members of her biological family loved the same thing that she loved: color, design, texture, and balance. This new knowledge gave the woman permission to explore a world she was taught to ignore…If you asked her today why she paints, she’d say, ‘I paint because the closer I come to the depth of my talent, the closer I come to my own truth.'”




Joan Wolbier

“I am a landscape artist specializing in Colorado and Western landscapes. My main media are pen and ink and watercolor.”






David Grigorian

I was born hearing impaired on the opposite end of the world, in Armenia…The Eyes help me see beyond the darkness. The Eyes seek out bits of hope, confidence, love, inspiration, knowledge, power, imagination, creativity, endurance, adaptability, and vision. The Eyes also represent a window to other worlds, patience, persistence, and understanding. The Eyes bring it back to me, so I don’t collapse into despair. The eyes also represent the five natural elements of fire, water, soil, wind, and life.”




Gili Wolf

“As an artist, my work tends to be conceptually driven, and historically I’ve used non-traditional art materials including jell-0, lacquered cereal, and 56,000 Lite Brite pegs. My business, Bigbad Industries is an art + design studio that works from the perspective of blurring the line between art and design, while bringing an understanding of the full picture about branding. Our mission is to create design that makes you laugh, makes you think, and makes your eyes pop out.”




Randy Glissmann

“I had never considered using reclaimed materials for fine furniture. I’m now convinced its possible and economical too.”





Linda Saport

“My paintings are made with oil on board, materials artists have used for more than 600 years. I work in layers. Each layer can completely change what is underneath. I like the idea that each painting contains many hidden paintings underneath.”





Elizabeth Jenny

“You may open this door or close it. It will always be your choice. So use it well, if you will, and– ‘May peace and plenty be the first, To lift the latch to your door. And happiness be guided to your home…’ Quote: Trad Irish Christmas blessing-partial.”





David Grojean

“I am in love with the circle, the rectangle, and the line. I am enthralled and emotionally moved by textures. Through these shapes and textures, I create the poetry of my life. Visual art is the reaction of visual poetry. Poetry resides in the heart and the soul of every human being. It is the personality of the creator that must shine through so that a piece is not merely an object, but a personal statement. I find myself and I find God through my work. I am conduit through which the universe flows. If I understood what my work was about, I would probably stop making it.”






Rob Wardell

“I’m applying a similar aesthetic to my door: My work is an exploration of one of the most recurrent forms of our daily visual reality: architecture, with a current emphasis on windows. My painting is a blend of East and West…Color and texture are central to my work. My color palette is intuitive and visually subdued with a subtle vibrancy…The theme of my product is exemplified in the process as I build up and break down visual elements through folding, cutting, scoring and sanding surfaces…My creations are a mixed media exploration of texture, form and color.”




Joe Levy

Joe Levy

“I love to repurpose materials.”






Eldon Ward

Eldon Ward

“I do painting with water-based paints on salvaged hollow-core doors and other recycled building materials. This keeps them out of the landfill (at least for a while), and they work well for the hard-edged approach I like to use. Also, I like the idea of windows and doors to convey us visually and/or physically between the security of indoor space to the less certain world outside. The proportions of standard doors, however, are rarely ideal for most compositions, and I want to demonstrate that this media is a flexible, viable alternative to canvas.”




Linda Gleitz

Linda Gleitz

“This piece is the door itself a passageway to elsewhere…in the words of Adam Sandler…’my happy place’.”






Anna Villachica

“I like textures and shapes from nature.  Nature makes it all, and it is beautiful.”






Julia Lunk

“Living with the possibility of expressing my thoughts and dreams via the two dimensional way of visual art has been joyful and necessary since I first recognized my call as a creative human at about age four. My goal is to perfect the tools of expression day by day, incorporating all the colors of rainbow that grows in me by listening, watching, hearing what surrounds us and feeling the heart’s connection to the unknown.”






Wendy Rochman– Blue Window Arts

“Colors, patterns and textures in nature, a bird song, the tracks of a deep-forest creature, warm breezes, cool stillness, a trickle if rain, billowy clouds that constantly change–these miracles open my eyes and my heart. I express our connection to earth through my art. All art is a doorway through which you can travel. My art is an opening to our internal experience of nature.”






Lisa Rivard

“My intention is to create compelling artwork. To find a place of bliss while creating and dreaming.”






Sally Eckert

“…art should have an impact and a story behind the paint. It should not only be beautiful but really capture the essence of the ideas behind whom the painting is for.”






Marcela Ot’alora G

“Seduced by collecting, and discarded objects; I am intrigued by the connection between the language of words and non-verbal expression. The juxtaposition of different objects placed together, or, the repetition of familiar ones tell a story that aims at a coherent narrative that is woven into the fabric of our lives. The finished work becomes both precious and mundane.”






Ryan Wiese

“Creating art feels like a natural extension of who I am and, without it in my life on a regular basis, things feel a bit out of balance. Often there are color combinations, texture ideas and painting compositions popping up in my head and it’s exciting for me to bring these ideas to life… I hope my art brightens your day, brings a smile to your face and ideally, inspires you in some way to create your own art!”






Kevan Krasnoff

“Everything is an opportunity.”






Laurie Adams






Ileana Barbu

“One image is worth 1000 words.”